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DCW and Associates combines fresh perspectives with decades of experience to generate unique solutions to problems whether they arise at the negotiating table or in the field. We are not only a woman-owned company but have already proven our skills in the industry to stand shoulder to shoulder with long-time companies.


Property buyers searching for entry-level options are facing increased difficulty finding a home due to negative stigma toward manufactured housing. Recent advancements in this industry have greatly improved the quality of manufactured homes but site acquisition and development have lagged behind. DCW and Associates seeks to rectify this by negotiating approval and locations with State and Federal agencies to develop affordable, manufactured housing.


Multiple market factors have made the cost of home ownership rise throughout the past year. This has caused more people to delay their plans and create an uptick in demand for multi-family living sites. DCW and Associates acquires HUD contracts and match them with well-suited developers for this purpose. Our entitlement process takes multiple factors into account including the price of the site, unit density, zoning restrictions, availability of utilities, and economic feasibility to judge the most suitable sites for multi-family apartments.


REO properties generally command a lower price-tag as banks are eager to move foreclosed homes. Texas is one of the leading states in REO numbers with roughly 320,000 properties listed. DCW and Associates works with banks to represent these properties and connect them with first-time buyer looking for affordable options.

DCW and Associates

Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible housing and increase the overall value of land and HUD developments.

Established in 2021, DCW and Associates have observed a growing demand for affordable housing due to COVID increasing material costs and negatively impacting construction timelines. We work within HUD policies to develop or facilitate the introduction of manufactured homes, multi-family apartment sites, and REO properties to entry-level home buyers.

DCW and Associates is an upcoming realty company supported by decades of hands-on experience. Our primary services focus on affordable housing development, apartment site acquisition, and the liquidation of REO properties. Using our identity as a woman-led company with the EDWOSB designation, we fulfill a unique role in the industry that secures priority consideration in government contract bids. This positions our company to compete directly with larger entities and bring in a consistent stream of high-profile contracts while operating at a significantly lower cost.

Our work capitalizes on a pressing need for an increase in the availability of affordable and multi-family housing. DCW and Associates seeks to work closely with State and Federal agencies to introduce innovative housing solutions, such as manufactured housing, to entry-level buyers as well as rendering HUD and REO-related services. We specialize in negotiation, development, and appreciation for various property types while utilizing long-held affiliations to meet the needs of any contract.

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DCW And Associates History

DCW and Associates is a small team of seasoned veterans with proven track records of executing on large developments and contracts. Our business strategy is strongly focused toward improving property value through land acquisitions, rezoning, and redevelopment of assets. With over fifty years of total experience assisting buyers in maximizing profits while juggling community needs, DCW and Associates is well-positioned for both local and national contracts.

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